Designing for now

We believe that all experience design should rest on three principles: human first, experience led and technology enabled. Whatever your requirement, we work with you to identify the unique challenges of your organisation. We identify moments of friction and opportunity in your employee experience by looking to the humans and processes involved.

Great. But what does that really mean?

Being ‘human first’ means we think differently and don’t do business as usual. Part of our time together will be as a critical friend to your business and stakeholders. We’ll dig deep and it might get uncomfortable as we question how things align to business and performance. We help you think differently too, and offer new ways of working. Need to know how we have done this in the past?

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Shifting from product to experience led

Progressive businesses have embraced decentralising and creating a hybrid, distributed workforce. This means work is no longer a defined place, but a whole heap of experiences. We bring the best in design thinking, service design and systems thinking to the table, and use a range of research methods and tools to help journey and experience map. This enables a truly human-centred approach to your challenges.

One size doesn’t fit all

We are tech-enabled, but also tech agnostic, and we know that what’s right for you might not be right for someone else. We establish what your people really want and need, and look at how we can remix the tech stake that is already in the ground. Surprisingly to a lot of people, we often won’t even suggest technology, unless it has been informed and validated by data and insight. Let’s see where the conversations take us.