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Podcast Onboarding

The show is all about speaking to the people behind  Culture, Design, Innovation, and the Employee Experience. It's a small moment in time that allows the listener to hear the world through your thoughts, experiences, and ideas. My listeners love that the show feels authentic, real, and unedited, this is why all other questions are not shared.


However, if you want to get a few of the typical types of questions please check out the show

Below is the high level of the show structure. 


What it feels like

Basic Show Structure


How the show starts

The chat won’t be chronological however I will tend to bounce all over your bio for the first half of the chat talking about you and your life. Again, this isn’t all professional and if the chat goes off on a random tangent that’s completely fine too, hell if we find ourselves talking about aliens then so be it (it’s all about you first and foremost). The main thing is that we want the listeners to fall in love with the messenger (you) first and then the message (product) second. 

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How the show ends

The second half of the chat is all about your message, here we will start to talk about your products, services, etc. I will close up with a few light rapid questions, such as 'Give me five people whom you recommend everyone should follow'. I will then ask you if you have any final asks, recommendations, or next steps, again this is an opportunity to mention your products. I will then ask where we can go to find out more about you i.e. Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Your prep (minimum)


Okay well, maybe a bit, but it's just two questions. Some people tend to like to prep for these things, others not so much. With that in mind, I will always tend to ask the below as the first and second questions:

  • What is your logline?

  • What did you want to be when you grow up?

A Logline is just summing your life in one creative sentence. It's identifying the crucial story elements and leaving everything else out, something that will sizzle and pop but also, crucially, something that tells the audience what you and your life are all about.

A Flying Start

The little big things

We understand that sometimes things change and you may need to amend the date or postpone due to unforeseen circumstances but we ask that you try to give us a minimum of 3 days notice to replace your time slot, and only cancel at the last minute if it’s absolutely necessary so we can maintain our tight posting schedule.


We will reserve a few spots for last-minute cancellations at the end of a season but we cannot guarantee a rebooking.

Below are some answers to typical questions:

1. How long are the podcasts?

  • The podcast tends to be around 60 to 90 minutes long in length (this can be shortened or extended if needed)


2. Is the podcast audio and video?

  • It's a video call and we record both the sound and the visual to be used for social media assets. If you want audio only though that's no problem

3. Do I need special equipment?

  • Nope, all you really need is a strong internet connection and a set of headphones with a mic oh, and somewhere quiet.

4. How does it all work ahead of the recording day?

  • We will get you booked in for a date, a week before the podcast we will send you a link to open up on your laptop. This is where we will record the podcast on the day, it's super easy 


Still confused


If you have any questions please don't hesitate to drop us a message. The chances are we may have answered it before, or together we discovery a new question 

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