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Five E’s and a pink flamingo

Who would believe a flamingo, two hand-painted cups, and two unicorns could make a few hundred people smile in what we could describe as the darkest period many of us have seen in our lifetime?

Covid-19 has driven a lot of reactions, some great some not so great. It’s also fast tracked many organisations. I believe when we look back on this time we will see it was a true period of growth in ourselves but also in many organisations, whether that's their personal resilience, development or awareness and wanting to be more present in the moment, or just wanting to be better.

Maybe we will head back into this “new world” of work wanting something more holistic or meaningful, maybe we will have gained better ways of doing, or maybe we will want to run off with the circus and create plasticine unicorns, woolly flamingos and drink whiskey out a personal hand-painted cup… who really knows.

Let's explain the flamingo.

Covid also fast-tracked an idea I’ve had for a while now. After days of seeing many people’s tone and posts change on LinkedIn to talking about Covid, furlough, not being able to switch off or move from their devices, I decided I would do a watered-down version of an ‘experience’ to try and address some of these challenges for a few people on LinkedIn.

In the next few posts, I’ll share with you what that was in more detail. I will also pull out some points in the design process which I think are important for Transformational Performance Design.

We can use transformational performance design for many things, from the tactical, to the strategic, right through to changing behaviour. However, transformational design allows us to not only look at the challenge from a strategic point of view but allows us to play with frictions, drive emotive responses and look at the wider system and the underpinning service.

My ‘sharing smiles’ experiment was one that allowed a lot of the core element of my Transformation Performance Design flow: Explore, Experience, Experiment, Exchange and Expand.

I decided to dial back the friction on this one and only use it sparingly, however it's important to note each person probably brought their own friction into this with them. Our job when it comes to transformational performance design is to try and understand what the friction points might be as much as you can beforehand. At its simplest level, this experiment was broken down into four key moments:

  • Put yourself forward

  • Pick your own adventure

  • Arrival Day

  • Create or destroy

Over the next few days/weeks I will cover what these touchpoint's consisted off, and some important points around the design including the feedback and stats behind it all.

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