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The Great Resignation - Designing A Great Offboarding

The Great Resignation is underway, thats if you read the various articles all over the internet. I have to agree, you know after handing in my resignation 👀

If this Great Resignation is underway it does beg the question:

If all your people are leaving whats happening to all that associated knowledge?

I think I have part of the answer, it's the non glamour sibling of the onboarding aka the offboarding. Its funny, most organisations are obsessed with designing a great onboarding experience for its new people. Yet very little time is given to the offboarding experience for its current employees.

In this week #DannyDiscussions I discuss (with myself):

  • ROI of offboarding

  • Finding key moments that matters

  • Process behind the experience

  • Using data to help identify moments that matter

  • Last day experience and lots more.

Extended reading:

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