Increasing Capabilities

Bringing the essentials of human centred design, design thinking and experience design together into your teams is a challenge. That’s why we can help support and coach your teams to increase their innovation capabilities. Through a hands-on approach, we enable your team to identify and apply the appropriate methods, mindsets, tools and behaviours no matter the situation. We do this through practical problem solving, which leads into experience conceptualisation, and then experimentation.

Practical problem solving

The best way to make a difference is to begin solving a pre-existing challenge, so we would ask your team to bring a predefined problem to the table ready to dissect. But as an alternative, we can offer a range of scenarios that can be used in a workshop to allow different methods and tools to be tested and applied. Ultimately, we want your team to leave knowing how to: identify root causes, frame a challenge or problem statement, and how to turn raw data into insight whilst identifying patterns, trends and themes.

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Experience conceptualisation

We will progress the insight gained from problem solving into experience conceptualisation. This is where the fun stuff happens as we cover how to map current and future state experiences, design empathy maps, and identify moments of friction and opportunity in the end-to-end experience. 


The final stage in improving your team’s capabilities is creating and testing our hypothesis. To do this we will use rapid ideation, experimentation and prototyping. This might look like lego building to mimic services or paper prototypes to create a new talent app. The list of what happens at this stage is endless and it’s really up to your team as to where we push this to.