Work isn't just a place, it's an experience

Human centred design has to be at the heart of what you do. From macro - designing for culture and a hybrid employee experience - right down to how your teams think and act.


We can help you create high impact, hybrid employee experiences by applying design thinking and experience design to your business.

I do this through:

Designing for now

From the moment a problem is identified to the final solution, we work end-to-end designing experiences. Talent attraction, leadership, rewards, cultural diagnostics, team dynamics, cultural experimentation... the list goes on.

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Designing for the future

What would you do in the face of immense change? Using speculative design we identify what’s probable, plausible and what’s possible, and create immersive experiences to identify points of action.

Increasing capabilities

How do you pull divergent thinking into convergence? Using coaching techniques and human centred design, we look at habits, behaviours, values, and tools to identify and enhance team dynamics.

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