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We design innovative people products, services and experiences

Knot untangles organisational complexity and people product innovation for your Employee Experience. Our services will enable you to reduce people turnover, boost profitability and growth, and enable you to outperform competitors while attracting top talent, and enabling future capabilities


Employee Experience Design

Things we do:

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Making Sense of Complexity

Is your organisation facing high people turnover and low engagement, not sure why, you want a non-bias but data-informed point of view. Then our sensemaking sprint is perfect for you, It identifies and interprets intricate challenges, uncovers underlying causes, and suggests effective solutions all built on your people's insight and challenges. By using our service, you can understand the issues and implement focused strategies to improve retention and engagement and employee wellbeing

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Being Future Ready

Our services are designed to address the critical challenges faced by Chief People Officers and Heads of.  No matter if you're grappling with ineffective onboarding processes, poor employee morale, or looking to design a competitive advantage for attracting talent our workshops provide a collaborative and structured approach using design thinking, experimentation and experience design to tackle these types of challenges head-on

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Future Fit Teams

Our Culture Crafter and TeamOS service helps leaders tackle team capability gaps, misalignment, and collaboration issues. We use Design Thinking, Experience Design, and Product Management tools to assess team capabilities and contributions. Our experiential approach emphasises mindsets and behaviours, enhancing team dynamics and capability. We work with leaders committed to long-term development, customising programs to fit their needs and supporting strategic goals. Our programs range from 1-week to 3-month structures proven to deliver sustainable and measurable results.

What other say:


Tamara Griffin

People Director - McDonalds

 It was clear from the moment Danny joined, that he would bring a fresh perspective and innovative approach. His personal drive, resourcefulness and creativity all helped to deliver change within the business, from small interventions to wide-scale projects.

Danny was able to balance multiple stakeholder needs with a focus on innovative delivery at pace which made him a real asset to any team. Naturally curious, unafraid to challenge the status quo yet humble all made Danny an absolute pleasure to work with.


Sheri Weppel

Vice president - Infopro

Danny is one of the most innovative and customer focused people I have ever had the pleasure to work with. His keen eye on the employee experience, business outcomes creates the right solution to achieve both outcomes.

Danny is one of those unique people who has one foot grounded in what the customer needs and the other dreaming of something new and fresh that the customer has never considered. This split ensures a fresh employee experience that changes and grows with your organization.


Laura Hamilton

Director of Operations – Capita

Danny is an incredibly talented and creative individual who is genuinely one of the most motivated people I have met within design. Always thinking about the future to create true impactful experiences . It was a pleasure to work with him .

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