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We Sprint Really Well...

Our sprints are designed to help leaders overcome their biggest challenges at record pace, while creating the perfect environment of creativity, collaboration and codesign across the business 

Our Sprints:


Sensemaking Sprint

Our first step is to dive deep, immersing ourselves in your organisation's ecosystem. We audit your existing employee experiences, services, and systems to identify the knots and discover your Moments of Opportunity (MOOs). This discovery gives us actionable insights that we use to develop a detailed, tailored plan for your organisation.


A blended approach to this could look like a mix of

one on one interviews with your employees and stakeholders, A collection of focus groups, external lateral experts and extreme world insights supported with employee empathy maps, user journeys & service blueprints.


Incubation Sprint

Once we have identified your MOO's, the creative phase begins. We brainstorm, ideate, and gradually refine bold concepts that will address your challenges and exploit the opportunities we've uncovered. It's an exciting journey of innovation that prepares you for the next phase: Experimentation.

All approaches are personalised around your client's needs and the MOO's. An identified approach to this could look like a selection of co-design divergent and expansive ideation workshops, followed by a phase of collaborative reduction workshops to distil down any ideas and concepts. Here we will refine ideas based on feedback, and prioritise based on what's doable and impactful for the business


Experiment & Experience Lab

When the experiments are ready, it's time to press the go button. We support you every step of the way, ensuring you have the tools and understanding to interpret results, make informed decisions, and mitigate risks.  


To identify any assumptions or hypotheses we have and prioritise them based on risks and uncertainty. Together we will choose and co-design the right experiment depending on the assumption or hypotheses identified and set agree on a agree success and measurement criteria once the experiment is completed we will analyse the data to validate or invalidate the hypothesis and assess what that means to your idea and business. Finally dependent on the results we will decide the next steps to pivot the idea or persevere with further testing ​​

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Culture Craft

Need a tune-up on audience insights or getting close to challenges? Keen to dabble in design thinking or sharpen your team's skills in de-risking assumptions through experiments? Don't sweat it - we've got you covered! 


We're all about sparking lasting change from within and driving internal corporate innovation. So, we put a lot of effort into boosting your team's superpowers. We gear them up with culture hacks,  tools, frameworks, and mindsets from innovation, design thinking, and experience design universes. This leaves your organisation ready to rock 'n roll with innovation!

This ranges from week-long workshops right through to three-month blended experiences supplemented with innovation coaching. Here we will take you on a grand tour of design thinking and innovation, from empathy to testing. You'll get your hands dirty with real-world challenges, collaborative reflections, and post-workshop support.

Need Something More:

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The Full Knot Experience

In search of a full-on partner to navigate an internal challenge from beginning to end? Want to level up your team's skills so they can steer the ship solo next time? Perfect! Our full 'Knot' experience is just the ticket.


Our full package covers everything from Sensemaking to Upskilling. This journey will guide you through uncovering challenges, developing and testing bold concepts, creating a minimum viable experience (MVE), and implementation. The Full Knot empowers your organisation to continue its innovative journey long after we're gone

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