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A great company has a great team behind It

Where design meets talent to create cultures that win together.


What is Knot all about?

We're more than a traditional agency; we're problem-solvers, innovators, and creators. Our unique approach blends design thinking, innovation, and product management, all to tackle your HR and employee experience challenges. With a footprint spanning Europe, the States, and the UAE, we cater to HR leaders, directors, chief people officers, learning & development professionals, and business partners. We're all about understanding your challenges and turning them into opportunities - for you, your team, and your organization.



The Way We Tick

We have four key components that guide us as we partner with you to untangle your organization's knots and pave the way for innovation and growth. 


Bold Exploration

Our journey is fueled by a daring, playful spirit. We're not afraid to venture into uncharted territories. We believe that the most profound solutions often lie just beyond the boundaries of conventional thinking.


Human Centered

Our approach centres on understanding and connecting with your clients and colleagues. It's not just about systems and processes; it's about people. We put the human experience at the heart of everything we do.

Experimentation Led


We believe in making informed decisions. So, we don't shoot in the dark or build without a solid foundation. We test, validate, and derisk at pace to minimise waste and maximise learning.


Action Bias

We're doers. We know that real impact is delivered when we roll up our sleeves and focus on action. We value progress over perfecting plans. We're all about creating real, tangible changes in your organisation.


Here’s What People Have To Say


Chloe Hunt

Senior Project Manager - Dyson

Danny helped us reimagine our employee value proposition. It was obvious that he truly wanted to deliver something meaningful, and he consistently went above expectations to achieve just that.

Danny’s ability to challenge, and comfort in being challenged himself is refreshing and took us to the next level. He really understands the importance of human-centred design, asking the right questions to quickly pinpoint what matters most and then creating innovative solutions which resonate. He’s not only an expert in his field, but has a unique way of sharing his knowledge, making sure he brings all stakeholders on the journey.

Danny’s the person you want and need on your team - he makes sure he’s always on hand to talk things through, explain the method in the madness, and bounce around new ideas. He’s brilliant to work with, and I hope our paths cross again!

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Sam Netherwood

Associate Director - Mudano

I've known and worked with Danny since 2016/17, talking and doing all things Experience Design (XD), behavioural change and performance improvement. He offered me a refreshing outlet to talk about more effective ways to overcome the familiar Learning & OD staples, to build more holistic and change focussed experiences for people. Danny is a Human-centred Designer by practice, through collaborative design processes and experimentation (oh, and fun!). What I've experienced, is his drive to design with the people he's designing for, and what he's helped me to change the experience of work and learning, using simple but really effective frameworks for doing things that are out-of-the-ordinary. No doubt the guy genuinley practices what he preeches.


David James

Chief Learning Officer - 360 Learning

It’s clear that Danny is an expert in the field of Experience Design and, as an emerging practice in L&D, his expertise, experience and leadership are crucial in guiding the profession.

Having spoken with Danny at length about Experience Design - and it’s applications to enhancing the employee experience - he has a rich and deep skill set in this area, in which he is an industry leader.

On top of this expertise, Danny has the credibility and gravitas of a leader - and commands respect as a result.

I’ve always enjoyed working with Danny and can’t help but learn from him every time I do

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